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Pet Insurance

The essence of insurance coverage is to give you a hand after uncontrollable calamities. Pets also need to be insured. Picture this, let's assume you receive a call from your family members that your pet is really ill and needs medical attention. This might take you by surprise. In some circumstances, you might be lacking money to pay for veterinary services, as these service tend to get costly. This leads to stress and depression if your pet is not insured. However, this is where Bayshield pet insurance comes in.

We will take you through the details of what pet insurance is, what is covered, and the limits of our insurance coverage.

What is Pet Insurance?

This type of insurance is similar to health insurance for humans. Pet insurance gives your dogs and cats a healthy and happy life. Since pets are part of your family, it is advisable to give them the best health care when they are sick. Bayshield pet insurance considers anything that comes with calamities, injuries, or illnesses in California.

What are the types of caps or limits?

There are no maximum limits for your pets. Bayshield Insurance Services in California offer entire life insurance coverage. Our pet health policies have vigorous yearly limits, which retune at the beginning of a new policy year.

Contact us today for more information and get a free quote for pet insurance in California.

Earthquake & Flood Insurance

California residents know all too well that earthquakes and floods can quickly destroy your home or business and leave your dreams shattered and your future uncertain. To make matters worse, most homeowners and business property insurance policies exclude damage caused by these two natural disasters. That's why Bayshield Insurance offers separate policies for earthquake and flood damage.

Earthquake Insurance in California

While earthquake insurance is recommended in California, it is not mandatory for mortgage holders. However, your agent must offer it to you at least every other year to make sure that you know such insurance is available and its cost. California insurance law requires that you have a homeowner’s insurance policy before you can purchase earthquake insurance. In addition, you must purchase both policies from the same insurance company. Most earthquake insurance policies in California are underwritten by the California Earthquake Authority (CEA.)

There are three parts to an average California earthquake policy. These are coverage for your dwelling, coverage for your personal property and coverage for the cost of temporary housing and additional living expenses while your home is being repaired.

Flood insurance in California

Like earthquake insurance, California flood insurance is an additional policy that goes with your homeowner's policy. This type of insurance covers losses due to overflows of tidal and inland waterways, excess runoff and mudslides. In most cases, there is a waiting period of 30 days between the purchase of such a policy and the commencement of coverage.

To learn more about earthquake and/or flood insurance for your California home or business, contact Bayshield Insurance Services today at (insert contact info here) or visit us online at (insert website address.) We have helped hundreds of Bay area homeowners like you over the years protect their homes from natural disasters.

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