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Employee Benefits in California

What Is Employee Benefits Insurance?

Employee benefits insurance coverage helps provide protection to an employer for any errors or omissions in its employee benefits program. A common error could be a new employee requesting medical insurance and the employer failing to add the employee to the insurer. The benefit coverage the employee was supposed to get would be covered. This type of insurance covers a wide range of employee benefits, which include health, life, disability insurance and retirement plans. This type of policy is usually added as part of your commercial general liability insurance policy. This type of insurance will help protect the company’s finances and reputation.

Why Have Employee Benefits Insurance?

An agent at Bayshield Insurance Services in San Jose, CA can help you determine your risk and if this type of insurance is right for your business. If part of your work contract includes benefits and the benefits vary by the type of employee, then this insurance may be useful to you. If your business has a high turnover rate, and therefore a lot of employees that need to be removed or added from benefits, this insurance might help minimize some of the risks. If someone at your company is in charge of managing benefits, purchasing this type of insurance is good. If you have someone who is dedicated to benefits, there is obviously a lot of time spent on this portion of the company and mistakes can happen.

Things to Keep in Mind

When purchasing this type of insurance in California, you want to make sure that it covers all the benefits that your company offers. A policy will typically cover the normal benefits, like medical and dental insurance, but it will also cover pension plans, profit sharing, and Social Security. In addition, it should cover any extra benefits you choose to provide employees, like maternity leave or help with tuition. Things that aren’t covered include discrimination, wrongful termination or sexual harassment claims.

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