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California Home & Rental Insurance Coverage

Home & Rental Insurance in California

Owning a safe and secure home is a dream that most people want to achieve in their lifetime. And after making one of the largest investments in your life, as a responsible homeowner, you need to protect it by obtaining home insurance. Choosing the right coverage for your home may prove tricky. You need a local agency like Bayshield Insurance Services that understands the needs of homeowners in California to help you make an informed decision.

Even though home insurance is not mandatory in California, it’s important to protect your home from unforeseen circumstances such as fire, vandalism, theft, falling objects, accidental water damages, lightning, and much more.

Coverage Options

Here are some coverage options to consider for your California home:

Liability: Provides protection in case you or any of your family members is legally held responsible for injuring someone or damaging someone’s property.

Loss of use: Helps with additional living expenses if your home is destroyed by a covered loss to an extent it’s inhabitable. These expenses may include new accommodation, warehouse storage, transportation, etc.

Dwelling: This is probably the most important coverage as it covers your home and other structures attached to it in the event a covered loss damages it.

Personal property: Provides protection to your personal belongings in case of damages or loss. These properties may include, but not limited to, furniture, jewelry, antiques, fine art, money, silverware, etc.

Even though home insurance covers most risks, there are few exceptions. They include damages caused by floods, earthquakes, poor maintenance, negligence /intentional acts, wear and tear, and losses in a home that has been left deserted for a certain period of time.

At Bayshield Insurance Services in Irvine, CA, we understand the importance of protecting your investment. We offer affordable and reliable home insurance policies that can help you and your family in the event of risks. Try our online rating tool to get a quote. Contact our office in Irvine, CA today to protect your California home.


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