When Will Home Insurance Not Cover A Fire?

Most of the exclusions that you will find in an insurance policy in San Jose, CA are less about the hazard itself than the cause of the hazard. So fire is usually going to be covered, but there are some major exceptions. For instance:

  • If you leave your home unoccupied for long periods of time, you may have your claim denied. In an unoccupied home, problems are allowed to go unchecked for months at a time, which can constitute negligence to your insurance provider.
  • Failing to cover your home at its full value. You may have your claim denied if you try to claim the full value of your home, but you’re still insured at what it was worth a year ago.
  • You started the fire yourself. This does not necessarily mean attempted fraud or anything like that. It could simply be carelessness on the homeowner’s part. If the fire started because you were playing with fireworks in the garage, your claim might not be honored.
  • If you ignore important repairs or serious dangers for long periods of time, that could constitute negligence. For instance, if you knew that you had faulty wiring in your home, but you did nothing to fix the problem, then your insurance provider might take issue with that.

For most fires, you will be covered, but there are exceptions. If you’re looking to buy home insurance in San Jose, CA, get in touch with Bayshield Insurance. Get on the Bayshield Insurance website or call us to see what we can do to get you a good deal on a great insurance policy.