6 Little Known Benefits of Small Business Insurance

Nobody ever said starting a small business would be easy. Hours can be long, budgets tight, and nights a bit restless. For small businesses in the San Jose, CA area, Bayshield Insurance can help with small business insurance.

Here are just six of the lesser-known benefits of commercial insurance:

1. Peace of Mind

Don’t underestimate the value of a better night’s sleep and less stress of worrying about theft, vandalism, slips and falls, and other calamities that can threaten your efforts.

2. It is a Reputation Builder

Small business insurance can build your brand and image. Customers feel more comfortable working with a vendor who is fully insured.

3. Strengthen Lender or Investor Confidence

Commercial insurance can strengthen the confidence of investors and may even be required by your lender.

4. Protect Income

Since business insurance plans may replace income if your business is prevented from being open due to a covered incident, this may keep you in business.

5. It Can Cover Vehicles

Commercial business vehicle insurance can cover company-owned vehicles and provide protection for personal cars used for business purposes. Check with us to provide appropriate coverage.

6. Cyber Crime Protection

Even small business insurance can protect you from cybercrime like hacking and identity theft. If you perform business online or use a network of computers to store data, be sure to ask about this important coverage.

Explore Your Options

A growing number of San Jose, CA area businesses are choosing Bayshield Insurance to protect their small businesses. Reach out to us. We look forward to working with you towards your success.