How Often Should You Review Your Home Insurance?

Reviewing your home insurance is important to ensure you’re getting all the coverage you need to protect your home and belongings. If you’re located in the San Jose, CA area, Bayshield Insurance can help you with a review of your current coverage. Then, you can make any needed updates to provide additional protection and peace of mind. There’s no reason to worry about your home’s policy when you have professionals who can help you improve it.

Contacting our agents is the first step toward getting a great review of your home’s level of security and protection. At least once per year, it’s a great idea to let an agent take a look and give you advice. You might need more coverage than you currently have, or maybe it’s time to add on a particular kind of coverage you don’t have right now. That’s especially true if you’ve made significant home improvements or any big changes to the property.

A yearly review is a great way to catch needed updates. However, if you’ve recently renovated or otherwise changed your home, having a review at that time is also a good choice. You don’t have to wait for a specific period or until a certain date to adjust your coverage. Even if you’re unsure if any policy updates are needed, asking an agent can give you important answers.

If you’re in or near San Jose, CA, contact us today at Bayshield Insurance. We’re here to help you get a home insurance review, update your policy, or find a new one that fits your needs. Working with an agent is the right choice to help you get all the knowledge you’re looking for. Then, you can have an insurance policy you’re confident about.