Required Commercial Insurance in California

When you own a small business in California, there are certain types of insurance that most businesses have to have in place. There are two required types, and many business owners get comprehensive types of coverage to make sure their business is fully insured in case of problems. If you are interested in commercial insurance, call us at Bayshield Insurance in San Jose, CA to find out more. 

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Every vehicle in California and owned by a business has to have a commercial auto insurance policy. This policy must have a specific amount of property damage liability as a minimum for each accident. It requires another minimum amount for each person injured or killed in an accident, and a higher amount is required for all of the people injured or killed in the accident as a whole. These liability amounts are some of the lowest in the country, so many California drivers opt to increase the coverage amounts to be more in line with the current costs of medical bills and auto repairs. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This type of insurance pays for the medical bills of any employee of the business who gets sick or injured while on the job. In California, this is required no matter how many employees you have, even if they are only part-time employees. 

Other Insurance Types

It’s common for business owners to get liability insurance to protect against stiff medical bills and lawsuits. General liability insurance is a good type for many business owners in California. It pays for many different risks, and many leases on commercial buildings require businesses to have this insurance type.

Get Your Commercial Insurance

If you have a business in California, you need commercial insurance. To get started, contact us at Bayshield Insurance in San Jose, CA.