Umbrella Insurance is More than Added Coverage

What do you do when the repair costs and medical bills exceed your existing coverage limits? If you are a San Jose, CA resident preparatory with foresight, you might consider adding an umbrella insurance policy to avoid such uncertainties. If you’re looking for tailored insurance solutions, the seasoned team at Bayshield Insurance can help you.

The Benefits of the Umbrella

You have secured your auto, boat, and home with pertinent insurance. But what about the "what if" scenarios? Most standard coverages, like auto and home insurance, effectively cover the fundamental and occasionally unexpected costs. However, what if the expenses overshoot the boundaries of your policy, leaving you to handle the excess?

Umbrella insurance is designed for precisely such situations. It covers beyond the limits of your normal policy and offers more than just extra coverage. While most insured parties feel they are adequately covered, those with umbrella insurance have the assurance of protection, which is a significant benefit of umbrella insurance.

Ensuring Your Investment

Insurance plans such as home, auto, and others are essentially investments that provide an exceptional return on investment when required. The question then arises – how do you ensure these investments and their dividends? The answer lies in the right umbrella insurance plan.

If you reside in San Jose, CA, and want to ensure what you insure, we have you covered. Contact us to gain more information about umbrella insurance and arrange a consultation with our experienced Bayshield Insurance team today.