Why Do Insurance Companies Investigate All Claims?

At Bayshield Insurance, we understand that our San Jose, CA area customers get confused or even upset when we investigate their claims. And some might even become angry if we deny their claims for any reason.

So why do we check into all of these claims so heavily? Understanding this process should help you make it easier for you to get the coverage you want for your needs as a buyer and minimize any confusion or frustration.

Why We Investigate Policies 

Our investigations are designed to help both you and us by providing the most possible insight into your claim. Doing so helps to improve your chances of getting approved, not decrease them. That’s because we’ll verify every element of your claim to ensure that it is as accurate as possible.

And we only deny claims if there are problems with your paperwork or if there is a lack of information proving your need for coverage. So by appealing to us and providing more details, it is more likely that you’ll get your claim approved and get the payment that you need for your life.

You can make this process simpler for everyone involved by gathering information about the situation, testimony from people who may have seen it develop, and much more. Then, our professionals will sit down with you and come up with a solution that makes sense and improves your investigation speed. In this way, your claim is more likely to succeed.

What You Can Do to Help 

Beyond gathering information that helps improve our investigation speed, you can work with our agents at Bayshield Insurance to provide detailed and accurate records. Doing so should help decrease your investigation time and ensure that your San Jose, CA area claims get approved.